Ugly, ugly, ugly

the only way to describe the latest subway series.

Much like the last one the Yanks did their best to lose but this time they managed it the Mets getting their first series (2-1) at Yankee stadium.

Well I praised Bernie the other day so I’l have to give him the stick for his error strewn first 2 games – dropped catches, missed ground balls and forgetting how many outs, thinking 3 when there was only 2 letting the runner tag up and move on a base on a simple fly ball.

So 2 zip down and even with the “Big Unit” on the mound I didn’t really have any good feelings about Sunday nights game the only one I get to see on TV.

Then I saw the lineup especially the outfield – rookie playing his first game in the majors in left and Womack in center…yes Womack 😯

And all the way through I just never felt confident they would win, especialy when the complete outfield was changed with Sheffield being thrown out but thankfully staying up to about 4:30am was well worth it with Giambi’s ninth inning 2 run single.

Another late night on Wednesday with the Yanks at the O’s, they have a tough time ahead not facing a team currently under .500 till into August and the Sox piling on the wins.

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