What a difference a day

Paris 2012 Olympic T-shirts
Paris 2012 Olympic T-shirts


On Wednesday London was “celebrating” being chosen as the, surprise, host for the 2012 Olympic games, beating the French which quite frankly was the best thing about it being chosen. Click the pic for a nice piss take, that’s all they can expect now after being such bad losers, one does hope the 2 votes from Finland were lost by Paris after Chirac’s comments.

After the announcement the guys at Channel 5 baseball were all excited about baseball being part of the games in this country and what it would mean to the G.B. team getting an automatic place so what happens they go and drop both baseball & softball from the games and don’t even replace them with another sport.

…24 little hours…

Then yesterday things were brought crashing back down to earth with the bombings, well the TV companies were loving it of course blanket coverage all the speculation all the conjecture, well I’m not going to add to it and give these scumbags more of the publicity they seek by carrying out these acts…

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