Well done the ECB

bringing over an undercooked Aussie side, building up English hopes of an Ashes win only to play a bunch of meaningless one day internationals and get those completely out of touch back on track.

Even if they had stopped at the end of the triangular Nat West Series with Bangladesh it would have been fine, Australia trooping off the ground feeling they had lost, which they really had, England going off elated, it would have been OK going into the first test match a few days later.

But no they had to put in another 3 games, after all their paymasters at Sky need something to show without any of the Ashes test, and yes we stuffed them in the first match but it’s been well reversed in the next two and they’ve played some of the key Aussies into some form especially Ponting as well as Gillespie who was useless at the beginning and leaving the Aussies looking like they only had three bowlers, McGrath, Lee & Warne.

Yup well done guys at the ECB 🙄

Of course the main thing about this 3 game series is the new rules, “super subs” & “power plays” well so far they’ve produced 3 very one-sided games and the rules for the use of subs is ridiculous with the team batting first being penalised by introducing a sub while batting and losing a player to bowl, don’t think the could have come up with a worse way to work it.

Sad to see Shep umpire his last international game, top class ump well respected throughout the game, gonna miss the hopping about on Nelson.

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