End of part one

part two starts tonight.

And it starts the way part one did with the Sox against the Yankees, after all the trials and tribulations of the first half with 86 games played the Yanks are only 2.5 games behind their league leading visitors and 2 games back of the wild card leading Twins. So much for me thinking the couldn’t reach the Os.

Hopefully the All Star break came didn’t come at the wrong time as the bats seemed to be getting hot, especially Giambi, just before it and they need to keep on going as…

The pitching still looking dodgy, though whatever happened to Mo seems to have passed (kiss of death there) the “Big Unit” is up and down like a bog seat (how many HRs has he given up so far ?), Sturze is having to start and the young kid Wang has become the ace of rotation 😯

That is the one bright spot the rookies getting spots in the roster and keeping them, Wang and Cano, good to see the useless Womack being displaced at 2nd by Cano and then in the OF by Cabrera who hopefully will come through the way Cano has and cement his place in the field.

Bit of luck these kids won’t be used in any trades for some more over priced vets on their last legs.

Also need a bit more luck with the fantasy baseball – Oh no not Bernie Williams Ranking: 456/3131 🙁

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