Go now while there’s a chance


At least the last England manager who kept using crappy buzzwords and phrases to cover up his ineptitude was honest with himself and the country. When Keggy Keegle stood in the bowls of Wembley and stated he wasn’t up to the job he did the honourable thing – it’s now time for McLaren to do the same, he’s already part way there.

The only difference between the two, as managers anyway Kev at least was a pretty good player, was there was a campaign for Keggy to get the job* where as nobody apart from Middlesbrough fans, players and chairman wanted this clown anywhere near the job. There was no way such a part of the problem was going to be the solution, anybody who witnessed Boro over the last couple of years of his stewardship knew it, he’s a number 2 at best.

I don’t even think they played this badly under Sven. Could any of those on the list of possibles to take over from Sven be this bad? Well Allardyce & Curbishley maybe, but you can even look at Villa and think O’Neill has done exactly what you wanted the guy following Sven to do.

How long will McClaren keep picking a team devoid of any pace, with two strikers that play the same type of game and nobody that’ll get behind the defence. As long as his arse points down one imagines.

Forget the system and all the crap talked about it, it doesn’t matter if you’re 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-3-3 if you can’t pass the ball to someone wearing the same colour shirt as you, you can’t run with the ball at your feet past an opposition player, you can’t cross the ball for toffee. Ah but these players only play 4-4-2 Hansen kept moaning on about. Well Donkey Adams and the rest played in a back four all the time for their clubs, still managed to play quite well under Venables & Hoddle in back three.

Get Peter Taylor in now, he’s got 5 months ’til the next game with two friendlies to show these bums how it’s done.

And I can’t believe the crap coming Paul Robinson’s way, one cretin who shall remain Henry Winter going on about going on about Robinson’s wild swing of the leg as the ball rolled passed him, I suppose Henry was too busy trying to find Gerrard’s arse to lick than watching the game to see the bobble. Then there was the first goal in which a 2 Croat to 6 English ratio resulted in a free header was blamed on the ‘keeper who with a string of outstanding saves throughout the game kept the score from being Jocks v Faroes level.

Tie to pack the team full of Spurs players, after these last two games when the only decent players on show were from the Lane.

Only good thing to come out of it, apart from the criticism of the grinning ginger twat, was Ashley Cole’s yellow card ruling him out of the next qualifier against Israel.

*Can’t say I signed up to the “Keggy for England” though, do remember sitting head in hands in Phoenix listening to the World Service thinking what have they done. Of course this being the BBC World Service the news of England’s new manager was broadcast after results of tennis games and other “sporting events” not involving anyone from Britain.

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