I would like to announce my retirement

from one day internationals.

I want to concentrate on my test career and prolonging it and it’s nothing to do with the fact I’ve been useless over the last year or so, have an irrational fear of the white ball and cannot throw it straight for 22 yards. Well actually I can it’s just those little details of stumps and batsmen I have trouble with, you know I can hit any of the slips, which are actually further away than 22 yards when you come to think about it, hey if we’re talking distance the leg side boundary is no problem I can reach that with ease, without one of them batter types getting anywhere near the ball.

So it’s nothing to do with crap performances, the fact I may have been dropped and I don’t want to stay out here in the land of Oz any longer than necessary or go to the sunny climes of the West Indies for the World Cup instead of staying in the cold North East of England.

Thank you.

Toxic Web

And in other news some fat balding individual is going to quit, apparently he wasn’t half bad.

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