Every time I see Les Reed

on the telly, Sky Sport News etc.

I hear about how the new surprise Charlton Athletic manager is going to get his team out of trouble and how him and the team are going to fight for their life, usually after another embarrassing defeat, that he has no intention of walking away from the job and then some official from the club appears and says that Reed has got a three year contract and they expect him to see it out and they fully back him.

But all I can think of when I watch this is…”Oh No, It’s Selwyn Froggitt!”

3 Replies to “Every time I see Les Reed”

  1. I don’t think even his “magic!” could save them now.

    Well, the most boring club in London, belatedly trying to make itself look interesting, should be able to work on that desperate attempt at rivalry with Palace next season… Assuming Peter Taylor doesn’t take them down as well…

  2. Hehe, before. I’m no Mystic Meg, sadly. 😐

    Harsh, innit? A Christmas Eve sacking. ber-limey…
    Still, having just pocketed a pay-off from the recently-signed three-year deal, I hope Les and his family made the most of their Christmas anyway…!

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