2006 in music

and all that.

Looking at my list of albums from 2006 on MediaMonkey and the charts at last.fm it looks like I didn’t spend this year buying or listening to much music that actually came out this year.

Of top 10 “Overall Top Artists” listed on last.fm I only bought two albums from them released in 2006 – Calexico “Garden Ruin” and Iron Maiden “A Matter Of Life And Death”.

Looking at the top 30 there wasn’t many who will release new material anyway, most of the Van Halen stuff was old demos or live stuff from the beginnings of the band, The Stones 604 tracks listened to little chance any was from after ’74 when Taylor left. Ramones well they’re nearly all dead now, The Who are they the same without the Ox and Moon? and so on.

So my best albums of ’06 comes from a short list and in no particular order.

  • Calexico – “Garden Ruin” – probably best gig as well.
  • Iron Maiden – “A Matter Of Life And Death” – took a few listens.
  • Neko Case – “Fox Confessor Brings The Flood” – 2nd & 3rd best gigs, you wait round for 3 years then two come along at once.
  • New York Dolls – “One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This” – probably the gig I missed but wished I’d got to the most.
  • Tool – “10,000 Days” – OK so it’s not Lateralus but it’s still good.

Oh well onto 2007 and listening to more stuff released years and years ago, lined up on Monkey’s “Now Playing” Pink Floyd, W.A.S.P., Zeppelin, Ramones, Beatles, Motorhead and Allman Brothers 😀

Though Rauhouse’s next release should be out soonish, something to look forward to.

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