Again you couldn’t imagine it getting worse

then it did.

The latest capitulation by the England cricket team, or what has been sent out there with that moniker, losing by an innings and 99 runs inside three days, to go 4-0 down in the series, is a new low.

One they will more than likely sink below next week when going 5-0 down and getting that whitewash that has been achieved in many years.

What can be said that hasn’t already been posted for the previous 3 cock ups.

Well the toss was won and the captain decided probably with the coach that they were shit scared of facing Warne on the last couple of days after what had happened previously and that the captain had no confidence in his strike bowlers to give them a greenish wicket with some decent bowler friendly overhead conditions.

So they let Warne bowl them out on the first day instead of leaving it to later and then they decided to back up the captain’s thought on their bowling by letting the Aussies of the hook, though some of Fred’s captaincy choices weren’t the best.

And they gave us all a laugh with the leaking of their “Bowling Plan” all of which was known after the Ashes were won last time as everyone pointed out at the time – “this was the way to bowl to fill in Aussie name here“. Of course this was known to everyone, including the Australians, but obviously not to the actual bowlers involved, or they might have got close to implementing it at some point.

So the question now is “Is there any hope for the future?” will the England hierarchy admit the fundamental things that went wrong here, learn from them and not do the same again – doubtful. Will they do what Australia did to regain the Ashes – doubtful. Will they all give their MBEs etc back – doubtful.

A word on Shane Warne’s 700 (plus now) wickets in test matches, unlike his closest rival at least most of the Aussies were legit wickets, just those he conned the umps into giving which maybe quite a few but not as many as he could have got if he chucked.

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  1. Heh. My uncle set off for Australia on Christmas Eve, to arrive on Boxing Day for the last two Tests. I hope he didn’t go out there thinking, ‘Ah well, at least it can’t get any worse…’

    The leaking of the bowling plans is the least of our fiascos. The actual strategies outlined were hardly revolutionary, and made some sense. But if only they could be properly applied, both by bowlers and fielders – and field-placers, yes Freddie, I’m afraid this means you…

    Inevitable now to ponder a possible England team for the next time the Ashes come around – presume Cook will be a future captain, if not next time then certainly by 2009.
    With Freddie looking less and less like a plausible number six Test batsmen, maybe time to bring in someone like Joyce or even poor ol’ forgotten-fatboy Key, and push everyone from Bell onwards a place down the order…

    Oh, and Stuart Broad’s had a good, very good Ashes, hasn’t he? See you at Lord’s, Stu…

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