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sounds painful don’t it.

It should do he’s being nosy again and want’s to know “5 things you may not know” about the Tox.

  1. I somehow through drinking, playing darts & pinball in the pub got a degree in biotechnology and was in the first group to do so in the UK.
  2. My first steps on foreign soil resulted in me being led away at gunpoint and shouted at in Spanish.
  3. I never saw the number in those colour blind tests at school but my hearing and smell senses are very acute.
  4. Though I live in a famous fishing town I never eat seafood of any variety.
  5. The top 3 artists by number of tracks on my PC, according to MediaMonkey are – Van Halen, The Rolling Stones & The Beatles.

There you go Dave, that’s told you absolutely nowt has it 😉

Now to find five other poor sods to inflict this on…usual suspects?

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  1. Hmm, haven’t seen one of them there tag-things in a while – will put my thinking cap on, at a jaunty angle of course, and maybe astound all and sundry soon… Well, come up with scraps of irrelevance anyway.

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