Are Flintoff and the rest

finally match fit.

Just the slightest bit late though, ask anyone before the tour if they would accept picking up a meaningless tri-nations one day trophy but the Ashes would be lost 5-0 no one, absolutely no one would snap your hand off.

Yes the last few games have been great to watch, especially McGrath’s birthday celebrations in the first of the finals, don’t know which was better the dropped catch or the return smacking off his head or him getting pasted about the ground. Just a shame Nixon hadn’t got a little better contact and hit that ball for 6 in the second game, instead of giving McGrath a wicket with his final ball for Australia in Australia.

Yes England played superbly in these final four games, when did they last win four on the trot and three against the Aussies but lets not forget up until that first win over Australia they were useless in the one day series and worse than useless in the test series so no Fletcher does not deserve any sort of apology from those that criticised.

And I still think it’s a bad idea having Fred as captain, no coincidence that Vaughan was round the team to give some calm leadership during these last few weeks.

Still it’s nice to stuff those words back down Aussie coach Buchanan’s throat, is he really that good a coach or did he strike lucky with the players at his disposal during his tenure?

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  1. I’m a bit worried about this World Cup squad, too many half- or not-at-all fits…

    And would have preferred Loye to Bopara, bats a little differently to our other options, and looked like he was starting to warm up nicely…

    Ah well – at least feeling more cheerful about the side than a few weeks previously…!

    Bring on that inevitable caning by Kenya…

  2. Yes with Vaughan fragile and Strauss having no form at all it seemed strange to pick a bits & pieces player instead of an opener in Loye.

    Bet Gough is a bit narked after talking himself up over the last few weeks and then thinking he had a chance when they asked if they could change the squad 😀

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