There’s always one team

that has a bad Chrimbo.

Then has a complete drop off and this year looks like being Spur’s turn.

2-1 defeat by Sheffield Utd at Brammall Lane, makes it no wins in the Premiership this year, none since beating Villa on Boxing Day. Five games three defeats and two draws, only wins coming in the Cup to lower league sides.

Yup some team always dive bombs in the New Year, though thankfully the bottom three look a bit cut off now.

One of these days a club that goes down by an odd point is going to sue a referee for the decision that cost them the point or three that would have kept them up. What with the new TV rights money and the influx of owners from the land of the lawyers, it has to happen.

Ah the foreign take overs, ARSEne Whinger doesn’t like it because it’s destroying the heart of English football, yeah right it’s got nothing to do with another manager having more cash to splash than you, because fielding a squad with no English player in it is doing the best for the English game and those big scummy screaming girls that fall over at the slightest touch are real custodians of the English game. Keep getting in those French speakers for the good of the country.

One wonders if the new owners at ‘Pool will stop the Scousers whinging about others having money to spend? You know unlike the Liverpool of today who are chock full of local and English talent and those of yore, you know the teams with no English players in it that were in no way paid for by the pools.

The press should back off McClaren so says Fergie.

I’m sure this has nothing to do with the Grinning Ginger Twat trying to cultivate a Fergie style complexion or indeed the fact that he thinks McClaren’s good at the job but that Fergie is a Jock and likes to see England fail and knows who is best for that job.

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