Doesn’t time fly

even when you aren’t having that much fun.

The All Star Game has been and gone and so therefore has the first half of the season.

With tha Yanks one game under .500 (42-43), ten games back of the Sux and 8.5 back of the Wild Card spot it hasn’t been the best first half.

All sections have failed big time at various stages through the season so far. The hitting is well hit and miss, more miss when the Rocket and sometimes Pettitte pitch, can Abreu keep up this career slump season? The starting pitching has been ropy at times, I don’t know how long Igawa can last but Hughes and Karstens should be back at sometime. The bullpen has been a mess, consistently handing away leads, especially in Pettitte starts, with walk after walk. Edwar Ramirez will make some difference but it’s one guy against Farnsworth, Proctor and the rest. Pitchers haven’t been helped in the field with some shocking errors so far as well.

On the bright side isn’t the Sux record the same at this stage as it was last year? And look what happened to them, main difference being we were only a couple back twelve months ago breathing down their neck making them choke. But feel that topping the AL East maybe the easiest route to the playoffs with the main contenders in the Central the Indians and the Tigers looking pretty damn good outfits for the Wild Card, are the Tigers the best all round with Rodney and Zumaya back?

So the Yanks just have to pull their collective fingers out and play like they can and should and I just have to hope that the Home Run Derby didn’t bugger up the rest of the season for my fantasy players that were in it – Morneau, Howard and Vlad.

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