Politicians and football authorities

the words piss up and brewery spring to mind.

I didn’t think the SFA could top themselves when during the draw for last years Scottish cup Alex Smith decided the best place to keep the drawn balls was back in the bag they were being drawn from.

But they managed it yesterday when they involved the muppets that are trying to run the country, faced with just four teams and therefore four balls to draw they managed to cock it up royally.

Scottish Parliament presiding officer Alex Fergusson announced Rangers were to play Aberdeen, while Hearts would face Dundee United. A little under four hours later the SFA said actually it should be Rangers against Hearts and while Aberdeen versus Dundee United, what took them so long god only knows.

Just a shame it wasn’t that odiously smug little turd Salmond that screwed it up – will someone ever tell him there’s no letter f in the words health and wealth.

Another thing why is it the CIS Insurance Cup when the I in CIS stands for Insurance?

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