R.I.P. The Originator

Bo Diddley - Hey, Bo Diddley

hey Bo Diddley.

Sad news at the passing of one of rock and or rolls pioneers, there aren’t many of the originals left folks, Mr Ellas Otha Bates, aka Ellas McDaniel, aka Bo Diddley at the age of 79 yesterday.

With his hambone style played on the trademark unconventional Gretsch guitars, the straight sided Bo Diddley and the Jupiter Thnderbird, his hard driving rhythmic approach to the blues inspired many of well known artists that followed from Buddy Holly to the Rolling Stones and The Who etc.

Obituaries – B.B.C., Modern Guitars Magazine – but words are all well and good, sound and vision works better.

And all those wankers that pollute the airwaves still live…

I can even forgive him for that “Bo Knows” ad…

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