Thank you Barwick

you buffoon, thank you the F.A. you cretins.

Thank you for getting the Russians to the Euro’s semi-final after their magnificent 3-1 extra time victory over the Dutch.

Yes the man who lead the Dutch, South Korea, Australia and now Russia so well in tournaments could have been dong so with a different team from the latter, the one he along with others helped put out.

But no Brian Barwick and the cretins that employed him showed how good they are at the hiring process by pissing of Guus Hiddink, leading to the employment of someone on their own level – the McClown.

Nice work Brian, how much do you get paid for doing such a sterling job?

One question for Marco van Basten after last nights game though.

Why didn’t any of your players get to the byline and put a cross over during 120 minutes? The Ruskies did it a few times and they scored. But no you kept coming down the middle, trying to get through an Eastern Bloc of players, when they showed from the free kicks, as the one you scored from, that defending that type of ball isn’t the strongest part of their game. Suppose it would have made a difference with Robben available.

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