Voters of American you should be

The Devil’s Rejects Captain Spaulding

ashamed of yourselves.

As the US election results stand today and one politician has beaten another – though one that strangely does impressions of the old Charlie Chaplin, except with more prat falls – there was no mention of any electoral college votes for a man that could have made a difference.

This is the worst case of clownism I’ve ever heard of, I give no credence to so called coulrophobia it’s just an easy excuse for down right prejudice.

What’s the matter don’t ya like clowns? Don’t they make ya laugh? Aren’t they fuckin funneh?

The campaign for Captain Spaulding 2012 starts right here right now. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Captain Spaulding for President
Captain Spaulding for President

4 Replies to “Voters of American you should be”

  1. Are ya gonna vote for me? Better come up with an answer, cuz I’m going to come back here and check on you and your’ mama… and if you don’t have a reason why you hate clowns I’m going to kill your’ whole fuckin’ family.

  2. Spaulding fucking rocks!! He should defo be president!! Also come to the uk and sort out these corporate mother fuckers!!

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