Is the only thing scarier than John McCain

Sarah Palin wink
Sarah Palin wink

in office…

John McCain dying in office? She’s not winking at you folks, she’s lining you up in her sights.

You always felt with Dan “The Potatoe Kid” Quayle that after one missed heart beat yes he would probably start world war three but by accident, he was just an idiot, with John McCain’s running partner – who I believe recently came fifth in a Sarah Palin stripper look-a-like contest – there’s the look of intent, well there’s not much else going on behind those eyes.

But, and it’s an Oprah size but, that doesn’t mean this is an endorsement for the other guy. Just because he isn’t as pasty faced as the guys you usually get on dollar bills and he’s a bit charismatic – which is a recent change for the Democratic party after the last two smug, self satisfied dullards put up there not to win the elections but to do nothing while Chimp Bush Jr lost – it doesn’t mean he’s the new messiah, no he’s not all the things some on the right (the extremists seem to like him) have labelled him, Islamist, terrorist etc but he’s also not the saviour of the world.

He’s more a Tony Blair type, all those sound bytes that when you actually put any thought into them you start asking yourself “did that make any sense?”, “did that actually mean anything?”, “was that just a collection of loosely joined words and not really an English sentence?”. Like Tony’s hair in the end, all fluff and very little substance.

And then there’s the proposed “First Ladies”, are we sure they’re really women. I know we’ve been told they’ve dropped sprogs and all but there’s something strange about the pair of ’em. I suppose it’s another thing we don’t get over here the obsession with the spouse. Chavy Blair tried to pull it off but was/is so unlikable with her celeb hob knobbing, money grabbing, interfering manner – oh I’m Cherie Booth QC (wife of PM Tony Blair) but I’m doing this myself and not using my husband’s position – it meant she was doomed to failure – the letter box gob added to ugly phizog didn’t help either.

People tend to vote the same all over, firstly for the party normally because it’s a family tradition or they’re rebelling against daddy’s party of choice, secondly they vote for the bloke running, then there’s the policies, is his hair nice, the man on the TV told me, etc. Does the bint in tow make the top ten?

Anyway I have decided to go against my usual advice to the people this time around – it’s normally “don’t vote it only encourages them” – and I say on this US election day to the people of the states make your vote count, not just for you but for the world. It’s not rocket science, no matter what your age, religion, or ethnic background make sure you punch a little hole in that piece of card, no dimples no hanging chads and no putting it in the wrong place this time and put into office the only man that can and will make a difference because…Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Captain Spaulding for President
Captain Spaulding for President

Captain Spaulding for President

This broadcast was paid for by the rest of the world who know that things aren’t likely to change no matter who gets in or what the BBC tell us.

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