‘Arry has brought all the luck

with him to the Lane.

You just have to look what has happened in his first week at Spurs, culminating in a 2-1 comeback win against the then undefeated league leaders and compare that against dullard donkey Adams’ Pompey getting nowt against Wigan.

It’s not just down to luck though, it’s mainly down to his man management that’s lifted the place…

At one stage the training ground was a horrible place to be. Everyone was down. But since Harry has come in everyone has had a new lease of life. That has shown in the performances. It wasn’t nice before, Ramos came in and banished a lot of players to the reserves because he didn’t want them.

I never really got to know Ramos. He’s a good manager, there is no debating that, but some things work and some things don’t. Sitting at the bottom of the table shows it didn’t work with him. With Harry coming in, the proof is in the pudding. The one thing Harry has done in contrast with Juande to spark the revival is use people skills.

Harry can talk to people one to one and have a proper conversation with them and know what he’s going on about. He has made us believe that we’re good players and that we shouldn’t be where we are, whereas with Juande and the Spanish, it was a bit hard.Darren Bent

…you can’t put it down to any great tactical genius that’s got the team playing better, as yet again they were outplayed for the majority of the game after repeatedly giving possession away. And no Jenas’ presence in the side wouldn’t have helped as he is the most wasteful player around – though Zokora does his best to compete for the title – you almost wonder if his goal against the wandering scum on Wednesday wasn’t an attempt to pass the ball to a bloke wearing a Spurs shirt in the crowd.

I don’t know if the substitutions worked that well for the most part in the second half, leaving no left footer up the left hand side and moving Modric out there where he is no where near as influential as when in the middle. But at home I do prefer to see two up front as ‘Arry changed it to, hopefully Pav’s two league goals this last week will be helping with his confidence, he took the winner on Saturday well and showed he can work with Bent, all he needs to be told to do is “fucking run around a bit”.

‘Arry has just instilled some self belief that no matter what the score is and how badly they’re getting beaten it’s not over ’til it’s over.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, like a certain ungracious little Pugwash suggested he should. The charmless nerk who always blames others for his teams failings and never congratulates the opposition must have forgotten a certain cup final where his team were comprehensively outplayed for all but 7 minutes to snatch a trophy on penalties, was he embarrassed by that? Maybe if he coached his defensive leader to stop scoring for us it would help him. Oh and that stupid facial hair isn’t fooling anyone into not seeing that increasing bald patch, slappy.

What a week then, three games most wouldn’t have expected to get much from during the dying days of Ramos’ reign sees ‘Arry come in and pick up 7 points from 9, get us off the bottom of the table.

Now if ‘Arry get’s them playing better, actually keeping the ball, can somehow stop Gomes playing himself and others into trouble in between great saves there’s hope…but how long can the luck last?

Oh and with the wanderings cum looking lost at Stoke I can’t not post this one…

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