Oh sod it! The bloody thing’s

clangers - the iron chicken

stuck again.

I never really did like “Bagpuss“, don’t know why think I found it a bit creepy as a kid, something just not quite right about it all.

I did like “Nogging The Nog” and “Ivor The Engine” but I really loved “The Clangers“, it was probably second only to “The Magic Roundabout” in my favourite show as a small child, so much so I can still watch them now.

I think it was the subversive element about the two that I like even as a little kid, Eric Thompson had it with Roundabout and Oliver Postgate, who has sadly died (B.B.C. obituary), had it with “The Clangers”.

The show was scripted in proper English and then translated through the Swanee whistle into Clanger, so when the door fails to open in the episode below (Series 1, episode 3, “Chicken”), Major Clanger does say Oh sod it! The bloody thing’s stuck again.

Unsurprisingly the B.B.C. weren’t too happy 😀

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