If the Babe can’t get 100% of the votes

Rickey Henderson - Greatest of All Time

then what chance did Ricky have.

Much consternation about over the fact that 28 voters didn’t include Ricky Henderson on their ballot paper for The Hall Of Fame. Well if George Herman Ruth only got 95.1% it doesn’t come as a great surprise, even how many years later, there’s still a number of numpties who get to chose. Still it did mean he got a higher percentage than the likes of Willie Mays, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle.

As Peter Abraham over at LoHud puts it so succinctly…

Nice to know I share a profession with 28 dolts. Peter Abraham

The aim of the game is to score more runs than your opponents and yet 26 voters, two ballots had no names as a steroid protest, didn’t think the leading run scorer in the history of the game didn’t deserve to get in – this time round, of course they may have reassessed the numbers next time, say like someone who wasn’t good enough for fourteen years but when it’s his last chance is now worthy.

I wonder how many of them looked at the batting average, .270, and that’s it totally disregarding everything else, as laid out by Jayson Stark at ESPN, or do they just not vote for a first timer on principle, because you need to be o the ballot a number of times for the numbers to increase in value 🙄

The greatest of all time…

So it should be fun to hear his HoF speech to see if he does refer to himself in the third person – “This is Rickey talking on behalf of Rickey. Rickey wants to talk about baseball.” It’ll be just another item to add to the list of Rickey being Rickey, wish that Olerud one was real.

Bert Blyleven - I ♥ To Fart
Bert Blyleven - I ♥ To Fart

Shame about Don Mattingly but at least he’s come to terms with it in public anyway.

I don’t think I’m a Hall of Famer. I don’t think I have the numbers. Part of it is longevity, and I wasn’t able to do that and do the things that I did early in my career. Don Mattingly

And come on voters, Bert Blyleven deserves to be in not just for the “I ♥ to fart” t-shirt alone but for being open about his love for farting.

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  1. “I wonder how many of them looked at the batting average, .270” – I like your point.

    I almost wonder if people who are not talked about as much by the public may fall off of there radar a little.

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