So who could ‘Arry have been talking to

on Sunday…

In this little tête à tête that according to the Daily Mail took place in the away dressing room at the JJB Stadium after Spurs loss to Wigan…

I don’t think you love the ******* game. I think you ******* are here for the money, I don’t think you give a ****. You, do you give a ****? Harry Redknapp

Of course I do. Player X

You? You’re the ******* worst of the lot! Harry Redknapp

Now the shortlist seems to be down to three names. Bentley, Bale and Jenas.

The first two have massively underperformed since arriving, the later has performed to his abilities which were useless to begin with.

Now Bentley didn’t play on Sunday so would he be the main target of ‘Arry’s ire, maybe so as we aren’t told what was said before and after, he might have gone through the team that took the field and was working down the subs by this time.

Bale like Bentley has ponced around when he’s played not seemingly interested in defending or producing much when going forward and like Bentley looks happiest when fixing his hair.

Jenas has been useless from the start and being at fault for the Wigan winner was no surprise, was being even slacker than usual because he’d been stripped of the vice-captaincy role?

Now we don’t know how strongly Player Xs reply to ‘Arry’s question was, if it was forceful I’d say it was Bentley, a gobby little shite at the best of times. A timid replay would suggest the other two, though of course ‘Arry would have to find Jenas in the first place as he’d more than likely be hiding behind someone or something, also there was no “you know” in the reply.

Whoever it is, it had to be said by ‘Arry but I don’t know if the answer is Adriano, doesn’t strike me as one for a relegation battle, someone who you could put your life on as ‘Arry wanted. The rumour of sending Jenas to Everton for Leighton Baines made sense and would have been a great deal by ‘Arry, I don’t know why Moyes would go for the ponce but I can understand why he wouldn’t want his left back to leave in exchange.

So anyway who is Player X? Was it one of the three most likely suspects or a complete outsider…answers on a postcard to… 😉

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