‘Arry’s ‘oneymoon is over

and ‘e ain’t ‘appy.

Seemed like he was getting his excuses in early after the shambles at Wigan yesterday.

At the moment we have some players who cost this football club a lot of money and they need to be better for the team….They are supposed to be quality players – and they have got to show that on the football pitch…. If you look at our results – two points from eight games – it cannot always be the manager’s fault, can it? Harry Redknapp

Yes a lot of it is down to the players and to the previous manager along with the buying policy under Comolli but aren’t you meant to be the man manager guru who can get those players to put it in for the team? Also you are the one who picks the team and chooses the subs.

Now I can see playing King as the defensive midfielder, he’s a class act, great defensively and comfortable with the ball at his feet but if he’s playing that role you can’t really have Zokora filling one of the “skill” positions…

But we are in a relegation scrap and we need some men and some characters to get us out of it, that is what you are looking for when you are in the position we are in. We’ve got some but not enough. You’d put your life on Jonathan Woodgate, Michael Dawson, Didier Zokora, Jamie O’Hara Harry Redknapp

Yeah I’d put my life on him running around a lot, but not on creating much, you can’t blame Defoe for not carrying on his debut scoring run when that as the type of service he was receiving or wasn’t for the most part. And honestly ‘Arry do you really think Downing would make much of a difference to it all. Also if it’s a must win league game why would pick Gareth Bale, I know it’s slim pickings for left back but Bale is a guarantee we don’t win, his 20th league game for the club without one yesterday.

Previously under ‘Arry they’d played poorly in the first half, got a rollicking at half time them come out the stronger in the second 45 minutes but as the ‘oneymoon ended it was a reverting to type. Not bad for the first part of the first half, not putting teams away, then letting in late winners at set pieces.

One decent piece of news, apart from ‘Boro’s excellent stance on not letting Downing go, is ‘Arry’s apparent fall out with Jenas, certainly not a player even his most ardent fan would put their life on. Stripped of the vice-captaincy, which I admit I thought had happened a bit before, not picked to start when available which has to be a first in his time at the Lane and almost thanked by the Wigan manager Steve Bruce for his ineptness marking their match winning goal scorer.

Jermaine Jenas doesn’t pick him [Maynor Figueroa] up properly and he sticks it in the net. Steve Bruce

The only question is why did he come on when Dawson had to come off? You are to blame for that one ‘Arry, but hopefully it’ll be the final nail for this waste of space.

From the “You’ve only just noticed?” files…

Bolton striker – well he plays up front but isn’t a striker meant to score goals? – Kevin Davies has complained that the Woolwich Scummy Wanderers players scream when tackled, to win free kicks and get opponents booked…

Sometimes it feels like they are trying to earn you a booking…A few of them let out a big scream, which is a bit embarrassing because it is a man’s game…Kolo Toure did one, and he is big, strong man. He was screaming ‘my leg’ which is a bit unnecessary – but they get the free-kicks…In my eyes that is cheating the referee, they have conned him, but they are good at that and you just have to get on with the game Kevin Davies

How long have you been playing in the Premier League Kev and you’ve only just noticed this? The furthest back post where I mention this was over three years ago, christ the worst culprit has been out of the league for years now, their so called hardman Viera, who when tackled no matter if he was touched or not would always go down screaming his head off like a little girl.

Where do they learn it you wonder, I mean not every youth system they come up through before the scum buy them can teach it, can they?

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