Should Darren Bent be round ‘Arry’s

‘ouse practicing with ‘Arry’s missus on the Wii?

After Bent’s miss of the season, that probably would have wrapped up the deserved win and a valuable 3 points against Pompey

‘Arry wasn’t too backward in coming forward about what he thought of the miss…

You will never get a better chance to win a match than that. My missus could have scored that one.
Bent did not only have part of the goal to aim for, but he had the entire net – and he put it wide. Unbelievable. I was just so frustrated.
I was out of my seat to celebrate and David James was waiting to pick the ball out of the net.
Darren should have scored, it was an open goal, but there is nothing we can do about that. He didn’t do it on purpose and, if we carry on playing like that, we will win matches. ‘Arry Redknapp

I could see Bent on those adverts, replacing that pointy chin/nose beardy bloke, that has everyone asking “who is he”, you could then have ‘Arry’s missus replacing Jamie, she’s probably less injury prone, less lightweight running the midfield and more than likely more incisive with her commentary. No doubt she would then be able to teach him how and where to head the ball, obviously a job that Joe Jordan and Clive Allen are struggling with. Maybe he just needs to chalk his head.

‘Arry hasn’t been holding back with the players of late, what with the leak of last weeks bust up after the Wigan game, this assessment of what he thinks about Bent – probably quite close to what most Spurs supporters think – to why he has to play Gomes when the ‘keeper is injured and repeatedly trying to get subbed during the game…

We need another good goalkeeper and if I’d had confidence in the Spanish keeper [Cesar Sanchez] then I would’ve played him ‘Arry Redknapp

Not the man management skills that ‘Arry showed during the ‘oneymoon period, maybe Levy is just so thick to the standards of the squad he needs this kind of belt over the head to take notice. We need reinforcements, thankfully the East End pikeys didn’t want to deal with us over Bellamy and so he should be off to Citeh. ‘Arry wasn’t happy about the fans saying they didn’t want him, he’s a triffic player apparently. Yes he’s got pace and can play well, when he’s not injured or carrying out some grudge on someone, yeah good player but crap person the type that walks out on a team who are now eight in the lower to go to a lower positioned team for more money.

Funny that 5Live are now saying that Jose isn’t interested in Jenas and it’s all down to the Inter manager picking the ponce for his Telegraph Fantasy Team. They seemed to be presenting it as fact yesterday before the game and one reporter who claimed to be a good friend of Jenas was using it to show the useless article was being made a scapegoat because someone like Jose wanted him.

Should have won the game, their goalie being man-of-the-match and the amount of clearances off the line says it all, should have been up to 12th though that would still be in the relegation mire but it would have been a start and some impetus. Nicely taken equaliser by Defoe, but again he was back to hitting the woodwork, side netting and ‘keeper rather than the back of the net too often just like old days.

The goal showed a problem for Spurs with Pavlyuchenko when he’s on the park, he’s big so there’s too many long balls up to him. He gets isolated and loses the ball, it’s certainly not the big Russian’s fault it’s not his type of game, those round him should know it. It also means that Modric is bypassed but with the two smaller guys on there was more passing and more movement, which led to great build up and the goal. Pavlyuchenko would benefit greatly from playing that way, as would Modric and the team.

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