If signing Palacios hastens the exit

of Jenas then it’ll be £12m well spent.

The Honduran is a “box to box player”, ah that magical phrase we keep being told also applies to Jenas. But of course the latter only goes near the box if the player he’s hiding behind is heading in that direction.

How long have Spurs needed someone to command the centre of the park? And how long has it been obvious that Jenas isn’t up to the job? During his stint with Newcastle I would say. Will the others in midfield play better with a better player along side them instead of my pet hate, Zokora looks better without the hindrance most times, Huddlestone too would benefit if Martin Jol doesn’t whisk him off to Hamburg.

If he plays for us as he did for the last few months then he’s just what is required, one only hopes he doesn’t get homesick for the bright lights of Wigan. Should also sell some Spurs shirts in Honduras, which will make Levy happy.

If the deal to bring Cudicini from Chelsea comes off that would be another cracking move by ‘Arry or did Levy pull this one off on his own? ‘Arry doesn’t seem at all interested in playing the current ‘keeper number two, so much so it doesn’t seem like he’s even learned Cesar Sanchez’s name. The Champions League winning Spanish international looked OK in his only first team game when he replaced Gomes during the 4-2 Carling Cup victory over Liverpool.

Cudicini is a class ‘keeper though, wasted on the Chelsea bench since the arrival of Cech but he’s been happy to be number two for so long, will he be happy to be Gomes understudy. Gomes has been a lot better since his injuries cleared up but he does seem injury prone and when he’s crying about a knock his erratic nature comes out. But for a million quid ‘Arry can have a top, though aging, ”keeper that he can more than likely trust.

When I hear that ‘Arry is also after Nicolas Burdisso from Inter Milan, I think he can’t be too bad but the phrase “Argentine hard man” gives me visions of Mauricio Ricardo Taricco and the words mental, nutter, loon, liability, suspension spring to mind.

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