Best international act and best

AC/DC - Jail Break

international album – AC/DC.

I don’t normally pay attention to the Brits, who is nominated or who wins, it’s normally acts I couldn’t give a flying one for. But I was looking at the Teletext the other day – yeah I still use that old thing, firing up the PC isn’t the first thing I do when I get up – and I see the mighty Acca Dacca are up for those two awards.

But it got me thinking, yes they are known as an Australian band but of the ten blokes they’ve had in the band all but two were born in the UK, so how international are they really?

I gave “Black Ice” a bit of a listen when it came out, haven’t done much since, I liked it but there’s something about it, it’s going to be classed along with some of the latter stuff not bad but not great and I can’t see me giving it the air play that the earlier stuff gets. Yes it’s far better than than the mid 80s releases but it can’t match the 70s output or the first album with Brian.

For one thing it seemed a bit too polished, sound and production wise and I like my AC/DC to be that bit sleazy the way Bon used to do it…

Makes you wonder what would the band be like if Bon hadn’t had that night out, it’ll be 30 years in a little over 12 months time, what would “Back In Black” have sounded like with Bon and not Brian, would it have gone on to be the fifth best selling album in the US?

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