And all is well in the land

of ‘Arry.

All it takes is a 3-1 home win versus a a Stoke side who haven’t won an away game in the top flight since 1984 and were in the first half on the night “inept” according to their manager.

So you could say this was a Jenas style victory, finally playing well against a poor side after disappearing for weeks. But there was a pomp and purpose to Spurs with a confidence not seen for a while, especially in the first half. Three nothing at the break, ‘Arry thinks it should have been more, more would have been nice, we have a better goal difference than most round us in that relegation fight and you never know what those bottom three place will come down to in the end.

But it’s good to see after the last couple of weeks the players playing how you know they can, Modric running the game, Bentley looking the part, Dawson and Woodgate forming a decent partnership, Corluka showing his value, Lennon running straight at defenders and having an end product with first goal…

Much talk about Spurs wanting Keane back from his boyhood club the question is why when Defoe and Pavlyuchenko linked up so well for the second…

Defoe didn’t work well with Keane last time round, so would he be coming back to sit on the bench or would he be partnered with Pav with Jermain finding himself in the position that caused him to leave in the first place. It just doesn’t make sense all round, especially the ridiculous talk of swapping him for Lennon. As for the cries from ‘Pool about hypocrisy over ‘Arry saying he liked the player, what’s more likely to unsettle a player ‘Arry saying he’s a good player – when Pugwash has done far worse – or Keane’s manager being mealy mouthed about the chances of the Irishman staying at Anfield…

Reporter: Would you kill all the speculation by saying he did not want to lose Keane.
Pugwash: Clearly, he is our player and he is in the squad for tomorrow. That’s it paraphrased account of reporter with Pugwash’s actual reply

Yup that’s some unequivocal backing you’ve got there Bob.

Anyway back to the game and someone got to the byline and put a cross in from there and guess what happened…

Yes a goal, what a surprise.

Cudicini had a good debut in goal, doing what we all saw him do before Cech stumped up at the Bridge and Carlo decided he was happy to warm the bench. Certainly got more confidence in him than most number twos of recent times, is he the second choice or will Gomes have to fight for his starting place back?

Keep playing like that, just Palacios for Zokora – who though wasn’t that bad last night – only bring Bale on when the game’s done and dusted to get that Premier League losing stat off his back, don’t do any stupid deals that involve getting rid of key players and who knows what will happen in the rest of the season.

Might just avoid relegation.

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