‘Arry’s not bovvered

’bout that continental rubbish.

It’s just a distraction from the real football, you gotta wanna win that so you are in that continental rubbish next year, don’t ya.

‘Arry made a lot of noise about all the upcoming games that are more important to him than progressing in the UEFA Cup and that’s why those XI took the field against Shakhtar Donetsk in freezing temperatures last night. Call them an XI because they certainly weren’t a team.

What with the players that were left back in London, added to those that were ineligible to play, along with the fact Jenas was wearing the armband this was never going to be a nice game to watch. A nil-nil draw looked to be the best outcome for those of us who want Spurs to try and win another European trophy and be the first and last club to pick up the UEFA Cup. ‘Arry is probably more than happy it didn’t end that way but finished up with the Ukrainians holding a two goal lead going into next week’s second leg.

It gives him even more excuse to write this competition off as the game comes just a couple of days before the Carling Cup final against ManUre, though why he’d want to win that is beyond me as it could mean a place in Europe next season. But come a week on Monday and they could be out of Europe this season and next with a dispirited side looking to avoid relegation, that’s something to look forward to.

Yes avoiding relegation is the main priority, over the cups, but is the best way to do that by losing cup games left right and centre, yes winning the League Cup last year didn’t exactly have the best effect on the league form but isn’t it about time they started some sort of winning run, even if it is in a cup game. The next three league games are huge, Hull, ‘Boro and Sunderland, three wins and you drag Hull into the bunch and pull away from the bottom three. But the way they’re playing what chances one win never mind three, the one positive is the large bunch of teams separated by not many points, it’s not like they are adrift at the the wrong end of the table.

But last night was a shocker, I can see blooding a youngster, that’s OK but wasn’t there a kid that played leftback. Shimbomba (© David Pleat) doesn’t work there, he never has no matter what ‘Arry says about him being able to play across the back four. Permanently positioned facing the Spurs goal so he could take the ball on his right foot, he just seemed to be in a personal game with Huddlestone to see who could play the other into the most trouble. Though he has made that number 97 shirt his own.

Gunter wasn’t much better over on the other side, he seems to be frightened of going forward, every time he played the ball he would run back. Chances to get forward were there, play a nice one two with Bentley, up the wing get a cross over but no pass to Bentley run to ‘keeper was the order of the day. All this amounted to Spurs when they got the ball just aimlessly humping it up the park to Campbell, who is not that type of striker. He had no discernible service and what did come his way he struggled to keep hold of with absolutely no support.

Well what can we expect with Jenas “running” the midfield. Hopefully last night was a pointer to where ‘Arry places the ponce, captain of the z-squad.

Gomes certainly didn’t come out of the game with much credit, his useless flap at the Shakhtar opener – though why was the Donetsk player allowed a fee header – followed by his feigning injury when he was slightly tapped was an embarrassment. Was his inclusion also an indication of his standing, is Cudicini now the number 1. Bent was obviously only involved because ‘Arry’s missus was cup tied.

The only one that seemed to emerge with any credit was Dawson, who defended exceptionally well considering those around him and the amount he had to do, he didn’t deserve to have two put passed him. He’s back to the player that looked an international class defender a couple of years back, not the mistake ridden buffoon of last season.

Still all the players will now be rested for the big games, as ‘Arry said the schedule is ridiculous, I mean with the game against Hull on Monday it’ll mean Robbie Keane will have played a whole game in about three weeks. 🙄

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