Bill Hicks is owed an apology

Bill Hicks on Marketing and Advertising. Irreverent and Controversial !

by both me and Google.

The feed for this site is handled by FeedBurner who are of course owned by Google. I hadn’t moved the feed over to my Google account until the other day and while doing it I figured why not take advantage of being able to stick some Google Adsense ads in the feed.

You can subscribe to the feed by email (over on the right just above that big orange “Subscribe” button), now I signed up, when I first stuck the option up on the site, to check how well it worked but never bothered to unsubscribe when I checked it was fine.

So earlier on I scroll down the FeedBurner mail of the feed from yesterday’s post marking the 15th anniversary of the death of Bill Hicks and what do I find at the bottom but this ad…

Jonas Brothers Google ad - Bill Hicks
Jonas Brothers Google ad - Bill Hicks

Bill must be spinning in his grave, it’s everything he ever railed against, advertising and marketing…dumb ass god botherers… and crappy, insipid, weak, banal pop music…

I’m sorry Bill, I doubt Google will be following up with their own apology.

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