He’ll earn more in a day and a quarter

Spurs v Man Utd (1965)

than Jimmy cost Spurs.

With Ronaldo’s imminent move to Real Madrid at a record breaking fee of £80 million it’s not the actual transfer fee that stands out. Yeah that was always going to be sky high and there’ll always be a team ready to break the record, even twice in a week.

No it’s the wage that’s what sticks out. The reported starting weekly price of £183,000, which is almost double the price Spurs paid for Jimmy Greaves when Bill Nicholson knocked a quid off the fee because he didn’t want the player having the pressure of being the first £100,000 footballer.

And that’s the thing it’s a starting wage with a 25% increase every year so if he does see out the six year deal he’ll be on £56K over half a million quid a week, just under £29 million a year.

How many of those players that finally picked up a World Cup winners medal on Wednesday night were able to retire from the game and not have to find new employment. As I posted yesterday in his interview on Channel 4 Jimmy is far from rich his last job being with Setanta says it all…

And I make no excuses for posting the video of Spurs 5-1 thumping of ManUre with Jimmy’s excellent goal for number three…

…hmm no prima donnas, no one more bothered about their hair and eleven blokes playing for the team. It’s a different world.

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