It happened this week

Rory Gallagher

some years ago.

A bit different “It happened this week…” this week, no big list detailing events or list of those that were born or who died this week, just a few links to the posting for around this week in years gone by on Toxic Web.

It happened this week… June 14th 2008

It happened this week… June 16th 2007

It happened this week… June 11th 2005

June 14th 1995, he was a blues-rock guitarist who rolled up his plaid flannel shirtsleeves, strapped on his battle-scarred 1961 Stratocaster and gave his all at every show … Rory Gallagher dies from complications following a liver transplant … Rory specialized in a no-nonsense, no-holds-barred, two-fisted style of blues-tinged rock … excelling at flatpicking, fingerpicking, and slide guitar, Rory avoided using special effects, content to wring exciting solo after solo from the classic setup of his faithful Strat run through a Dallas Rangemaster treble booster into a Vox AC-30 … some of the ways his memory is revered: in his homeland Ireland, a pub is named after him, a sculpture and bronze statue have been created in his likeness, and the Rory Gallagher Music Library was opened in Cork in 2004 …

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