I can take the despair

It’s the hope I can’t stand.

The hope that comes with expectation, after the first opening day victory in 9 years, yesterday’s 2-1 thumping of Pugwash’s scousers is there expectation? Just a little.

Admittedly it was a ragbag outfit that came to the Lane with a greater level of expectation and should have left even more chastened. Robbie Keane should have had his name on the scoresheet a couple of times at least. I’m sure ‘Arry’s missus would have buried that first chance, free header center of an empty net, Darren Bent would have struggled to not to score 😉

But forget the scoreline over a supposedly title chasing team – who contrary to their myriad of followers in TV and radio studios not only look light on the bench but also look light on the park, have they got a passer in the side, or just hoofers and gloryballers? – Spurs looked a team yesterday.

In reality a quiet summer has helped, no huge signings as in years past, a few good additions with Crouch and Bassong and the two fullbacks from The Blades. But no marquee names signally a new dawn. ‘Arry really did his summer spending last January Keane, Defoe and probably more importantly Palacios. Unfortunately there was one name not leaving the club, it would certainly be addition by subtraction but if the replacement ‘Arry is looking at for Jenas is a certain thick sending off waiting to happen serial waster of possession Jock from Celtic, I’d rather have the waste of space we’ve already got or no replacement at all and just the cash.

Palacios and Huddlestone looked a good partnership in the centre, yes the latter hasn’t progressed as many had hoped but he hasn’t had a real decent run in the starting XI, being hindered by Jenas having to play every game possible. Modric showed why he’s Spurs, all the class with the ball at his feet but much more than a luxury player by working when he’s not in possession. That flick from the left byline with the outside of his right boot for what should have been the opener was pure class.

Assou-Ekotto has come on under ‘Arry, settled in the position, adjusted to the English game and injury free he just needs to cut out some of the stupid needless challenges that nearly always result in fouls. Will he be able to top his first career goal?

Corluka on the other side almost goes unnoticed he goes about his job with such ease. Bassong already gone some way to pay off his fee from the Toon, with both the goal and a commanding performance alongside Ledley. Who again showed what a class defender he is, as police are searching for the whereabouts of Liverpool striker, Torres, who has been reported missing. Sergeant Dimbleby stated they wish to talk to the Spurs captain, with a view to searching his pocket. The Spanish striker reminds me of a top class race horse, can be a world beater but always on the edge of another injury and easy to knock off his stride but then he wasn’t helped by the absence of a £30m passer of the ball.

Ah but the penalties, Gomes is going to have to stop wanting to get in on the action it leads to stupid moments like that which resulted in him bringing down Johnson. That was a penalty, as was the O’Hara ball blocked by a Liverpool arm and when Carragher shoved Crouch in the area. What wasn’t a penalty was when a small fullback went shoulder to shoulder with a big striker who ponced it and fell over or a ball to hand that was in front of the players chest. It’s the kind of thing that makes the result so much better, Pugwash the whinging waiter, did the 4th official tell Sammy Lee to “calm down, calm down”.

All in all it was triffic, free points one game – twitch, twitch – it took a while to get three points last year, when there was great expectations.

Will that expectation be tempered by Hull on Wednesday? It’s Spurs, what are the chances? 😉

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