Is this the start of the downhill


Down to second in the league, most creative forward player out for a couple of months, talk of signing the goalkeeping clown of all clowns. Well it was good while it lasted.

Still some positives, the drop was only down to second on goal difference, 100% start to the season is intact and another banana skin was avoided in a very unSpurs like fashion…

Usually they batter a side early on don’t get the goals the play deserved, Crouch should have won the game with his goals alone, then you add what the others should have put away then goal difference wouldn’t be in Chelski’s favour. So the standard pattern of a Spurs game was kept, finally getting a goal and then conceding a soft equaliser with some shocking defending, I really hate it when a defender is too busy trying to play the opposing player he pretty much ignores the ball, letting someone nip in and knock it home.

So to go with this standard pattern we should have then had a repeat of the last time Brum came to the The Lane in Big Eck’s first game in charge, a last gasp winner, Spurs looking at three lost points but no ‘Arry’s team don’t do it the Spurs’ way they react to dithering and pressure others in mistakes – Fat Boy Carr, I have to say I was happy he provided the mistake – go down the pitch and bang in the winner in the fifth minute of added on time. It’s things like that that give you hope… I can’t stand the hope…

It’s seeing Ledley not coming out for the second half, Modric hobble off the pitch shortly after then hearing the news he has a fracture and will be out for six to eight weeks that knocks that hope on the head.

And so onto the final day of the window, do we need a replacement for Modric or just a stand in? Can Dos Santos do the job? If a replacement is bought, £2m for Kranjcar is OK but what happens to him when Modric is back, does it raise questions about Huddlestone’s place? Petrov, is it a couple seasons to late? Still no one in for Jenas, please before it’s too late. Why would anyone want a 39 year old David James giving away penalties and gifting goals every game?

‘Arry’s deals have worked well so far…

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