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has caused major embarrassment.

After looking up all those pages to link to in my post about the new Gibson signature Jimi Hendrix Strat, they’ve all gone and disappeared.

Looks like they didn’t take all the criticism that flew their way, at a rate of knots, all that well and have decided discretion is the better part of valour and binned all the pages mentioning their little project with the official rights holders to Hendrix’s name and image.

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Wonder if many have contacted the email address to ask.

Well it didn’t look good on either’s part, had the whiff of money being a major factor in choosing Gibson to make a Strat, the guitar Hendrix is most associated, producing an item Jimi had no real link to in any way other than the shape was roughly similar. Now you could say that Jimi didn’t actually play Jim Dunlop pedals who run a line of signature effects that haven’t come in for much slagging off. But they are in the main reasonably accurate remakes of the original Arbiter/Mayer pedals Jimi used to form his sound.

So who knows maybe these “signature” models will rear their ugly head sometime in the future, I wonder what would happen if the rights holders were to now approach Fender to produce a model, Gibson could give them some advice. If so may I suggest not only the reverse headstock and reverse angle bridge position pickup – pickup polepieces should be upside down as well – but also go the whole hog and put in a left handed trem, well it was good enough for Stevie Ray then…

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