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‘Arry doesn’t seem to know anymore, looks like telling to “”just fucking run around a bit” like he did when the big Ruski came on against the Scousers just under a year ago.

‘Arry revealed this week that even Guus Hiddink doesn’t know how to get through to his international striker, now Guus is one of the best man managers about, ‘Arry ain’t too bad at that game either. Last night was a time for Pav to show he wants to be a Premier League player at Spurs, even if it was in the League Cup game.

With Defoe out, Lennon coming off last weekend injured there’s places up for grabs against the wandering Woolwich scum on Saturday. What better way of staking a place than put in a performance in the 2-0 victory over Evertonat The Lane in the Carling Cup last night?

David Bentley staked a claim, with his best performance for some time. You could tell he wants to face his old team, he desperately wants the chance to repeat that goal from last season’s 4-4 game. It made him show the heart and desire to have a good shout of a place in the starting XI, not just as a bench warmer, as he did the simple things and for the most part cut out the showboating crap. And not just out wide, where he made good use of the final ball but also later on when he came inside, dropping in the hole. Though this all created a bit of work for the right back Hutton, but he showed a commitment that means his name should be in the reckoning come the weekend.

Now if only Pavlyuchenko had shown up the way those two did, he is a decent striker, just one goal no matter how scruffy could be the changing point. Maybe if he’d been on the spot to tap in Keane’s dribbler of a penalty things would have been different but then it would have taken a bit more effort to get into that position to have one of the six attempts to score.

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