How to rebel the modern

British way.

Be told by someone on teh interweb what to do and follow the herd like good little sheep.

So some poor little dweeb who “won” some “talent show” on telly was denied his one shot at “glory” because some people are actually the remotest bit interested in what is top of the charts at Chrimbo.

Fight the power, indeed.

Ah no this was a fight against the industry and more importantly Simon Cowell. Now yes I agree that this man should have his carbon emission privileges withdrawn but this was just pathetic. Oh we’ll fight for the completely irrelevant number one spot. So if there’s competition then the Cowell supporters would have to raise their game. Now I don’t know as I haven’t seen any total figures but it would suggest that more people would have to buy the Z-Factor single than normal to get that “coveted” spot. Which of course would put more money into Cowell’s already over stuffed pockets. Nice going.

Ah it’s for charidee, ain’t it. You could have give to the charity, cut out the industry business man taking his cut. Hmmm so you only give to charity if you get something back. Yes, well.

But what would an interweb campaign be to the sheep without celeb endorsements. As we know with the likes of… what comes after Z Factor the British public don’t bother unless someone who is classed as a “celebrity” tells them.

And where do celebs push the buttons that make the sheep obey the orders, why Twitter of course. And there was plenty of them at it but did they really think of the consequences as it could result in their removal from the Luvvie Club.

Yes amongst all the twitterings of buying real honest music, they forgot RATM weren’t that honest about certain things. I seem to remember hearing that the IRA sympathies weren’t there on the albums released in the UK now were they, discretion the better part of valour, what’s the point of having the courage of your convictions if it might mean that you could sell less units. Potential punters less likely to fork out for pictures of people who would like to kill them. After all this is a business, not just for the likes of Cowell.

But IRA sympathies, that could cause problems for the Luvvie Club members, their Lord High Poobah might have something to say about aligning with such a group. Yes Mr Stephen Fry, the Great Leader, Overseer of all Luvviesdom, the last word on what the people of Britain can and cannot do and say. After all when the face of the BBC, writes to the Grauniad then appears on Channel 4 to complain about the Tories joining up with a bunch of loonies in Europe that he claims are anti-Semitic – now yes I realise the full irony of that statement – what can he make of his chums backing IRA supporters.

Yes those Jewish friendly folks from Ireland, the ones that gave a hand to Nazi Germany during the war, helped put on full military honours Nazi funerals and even after the atrocities of a number of Nazi death camps became full knowledge sent a letter of condolence on hearing of the passing of Adolf. They also loved the gays as well, I believe. Stephen should love them.

To think if it was in the years gone by, when you actually had to go out into a shop and buy a physical item for a song to chart then all the sheep would have been crowded into a nice big mass at the right time of year to be a “legitimate target” for a certain group’s Chrimbo bombing campaign.

Maybe they could be marked out for special treatment, I know, a uniform, nothing says individuality and rebelling against the man like a uniform. How about a Che t-shirt.

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