There’s still time and Tesco Value Cards

Tesco Value Xmas Card
Tesco Value Xmas Card

are available again.

A day and a half to go and who wants to go outside?

What with that couple of inches of snow bringing the country to a standstill, as a bunch of motorists get white road fever. I know it’s snowing and icy out there, I’ll just stick my foot right down on the accelerator that should do it. Over half the US is covered in snow, have they shut up shop and christ a lot of the drivers I’ve witness over there can’t even deal with a drop of rain.

Of course all the roads stay icy because gritting them well that would be just too easy wouldn’t it. Ah but in these financially restricted times council’s have to get their priorities right, stock piling the salt cost money don’t ya know. So on the one hand they could send the gritters round all the roads, make sure there’s no excuse for this country to come to a grinding halt. But then there would be less money to spend on some nice jolly for certain high up officials’ trips to the towns they’re twinned with in Spain, Portugal, South of France and other nice, warm sunnier spots.

Ah but we’ve used up 15% of gritting stocks, right so what about the other 85%, saving that for a special occasion the summer perhaps. Now I know the Met Office in all their wisdom have fudged all their data and come to the conclusion that next year will be the warmest on record, so we should expect a bit of a chilly one but is it really going to be that bad we’ll need to the roads salted in June and July?

But back to the topic at hand… you don’t have to worry, no trip to the probably still crowded shops to buy some over priced piece of cardboard with some sentimental claptrap, or completely inappropriate picture or message on it because Tesco Value Cards are back…

Yup after the lawyers got involved earlier on this year and had James take the site down someone has come in and rescued fun. So click the image above to visit the site and download your Tesco Value Christmas Card.

Oh and Bah Humbug!

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