1970s ITV sitcoms

now have competition.

Due to the fact that BBC Jockland have an incredibly annoying inability to adjust the programme guide and the little signal that goes out to indicate when a show starts and stops for digital recorders, when they changed the schedule from network norm, I had to record The Persuasionists, or I wouldn’t have recorded the end of QIXL.

The EPG and signal always start early so the end of programmes is missing from the recording. It great for dramas where you have every chance of the climax being replace by a blank screen. BBC Two Jockland are the worst at it, and it means that the programme following the one you want to record and watch has to be recorded as well, brilliant for late night schedules when the following prog is four to five hours of News 24 taking up your hard drive space for two to three minutes of the previous show.

Anyway that’s all beside the point other than to explain – excuse – why I actually recorded and then watched The Persuasionists. Well it explains why I recorded it not why I watched it. Curiosity bored the cat to death, yes the classic that’s 30 minutes of my life I won’t get back.

Thirty minutes in which the BBC provided competition for some of the classic ITV comedy output of the 1970s for the title of “the worst sitcom ever produced in this country”. This was right down there with “On The Buses” on the list. Actually it could quite easily be the worst thing shown on British telly, ever. Of course it was made even worse by the inane guffawing and screeching laughter of the audience at every unfunny attempt at a humorous remark.

This should result in questions being asked in the House, not only was one episode of this tripe produced but a whole series of six episodes was commissioned by someone who is no doubt quite handsomely paid from the public coffers for their expert opinion.

How did this happen? It can only be the same process that keeps that odiously smug, public school educated class warrior, voice of PC World, git Marcus Twatstocke permanently employed by the Beeb.

It certainly has nothing to do with either of them being the remotest bit funny.

I didn’t watch this weeks episode, I doubt it was much better, could it have been worse, is that even possible? Probably knowing TV these days…

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