Jim White was still frothing at the mouth

on Sky Sports News.

As five o’clock limped round and what was laughing called a transfer window, more like a transfer quarter light, hell that’s being generous, the swap shop quarter light, ended, Mr. White couldn’t help himself, even saying he gets quite emotional at this time.

Look up hyperbole in the dictionary and there’s a picture of Jim White and a list of the various channel numbers you get SSN on Freeview, FreeSat, Sky, Virgin etc.

So another window goes by Spurs do a bit of business but still nobody absolutely nobody shows any real interest in the Jenasite. Oh the same old delusional rumours about Jose liking him and wanting him at Inter showed their head. But anyone who believed any of that old cock & bull is the sort of person who still believes he’s a top class player who can lead us to glory, even after four and a half seasons of blatant evidence to the contrary.

So what happened, well there was a look of last years January window, we resigned an old player not long after letting them go, along with a look of the window before that as Robbie Keane joined yet another club that was his boyhood dream.

It’s amazing the amount of Irish players who really couldn’t give a stuff about Jock football never mind Celtic who all of a sudden find it’s the club of their boyhood dreams when a career is needing resurrecting or is just winding down to retirement.

Last year I had a holiday in Scotland. I went to a dominatrix who offered me total humiliation for £39.99.

5 minutes later I was walking away in a Celtic shirt. delusionalgrandeur

Keane had to go, he’d flattered to deceive since the last move to his boyhood club, Liverpool, didn’t exactly go to plan and ended this time last year when he came back. Maybe it was the tail between legs that caused the problems in the last 12 months. Would Keane have been resigned if Defoe hadn’t broken his foot, after also being brought back last year, it started out OK but the goals dried up and then this year it’s what 5 in the league and 4 of them were scored in one game against Burnley. He had to move on.

Especially as ‘Arry didn’t like having four strikers at his disposal, if Robbie hadn’t moved it would have been five.

With Gudjohnsen joining on loan, he’s a different player but maybe one better suited to playing the way they wanted Keane to. A better link up with the midfield than Keane was providing, though you wouldn’t say as deadly a striker, but with Bob’s lack of goals that’s debatable. Whatever the Icelander does on the park for us the fact it pissed of the East ‘Am pikeys makes it partly a worthwhile exercise. David Sullivan, is he the only person with a speech impediment who doesn’t have the troublesome letter in his name?

Kaboul returns, how many is that we’ve resigned since ‘Arry took over, five if you include Crouch. Well he’s had more games under his belt, tough games at that with Pompey though especially under Paul Hart the south coast side were never really turned over. So maybe he’ll be adequate cover for the central defence, what with Woodgate looking like he’ll never return, Ledley’s problems.

Also mention of him being cover at rightback, cover why would we need cover, we’ve got right fullbacks coming out of our ears, oh we haven’t, we’ve let them all go out on loan. Hutton off to Sunderland, Naughton to ‘Boro – little Gordon must have been a touch confused as Naughton isn’t a Jock and hasn’t played there either. So it’s just Charlie with Kyle Walker who was recalled from his season long loan at Sheffield Utd. just before the window closed. Reports say he’s had a decent time back at the Blades and looks more up to the top flight than Naughton. You do feel more pace is required from right without Lennon available.

Would still like to have seen O’Hara stay instead of being loaned back to Pompey – even they don’t want Jenasite – and it’s a shame about Giovani dos Santos but I suppose not unsurprising that ‘Arry shipped him out on loan to Turkey.

Well it’s just all loans so come the end of the season we could be right back where we were at the end of December it really is time this farce was ended.

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