When a politician starts moralising

you know there’s no case to answer.

Now as Sports Minister, Gerry Sutcliffe is a non-entity of a human being, never mind politician, just another clown in a long list of clowns to hold that job – except of course Kate Hoey even with her Woolwich scum associations – I mean he’s a subordinate in a department headed by Ben Bradshaw that contains Siôn Simon for christ’s sake.

So I don’t know anything about Mr. Sutcliffe’s record on moralising before he started off about John Terry, of which more allegations have arisen with another slapper.

For example I don’t know if he came out and took a stand against the then Foreign Secretary, the political face of our nation abroad, Robin Cook shagging a member of his staff behind his wife’s back. I don’t know if he took a stand against the then deputy Prime Minister, the man that led the nation in the PM’s absence, John Prescott, indulging in bit of post croquet coitus with a member of his staff at his tax payer funded grace-and-favour flat and residence.

I do know that he seems to be quite happy to remain as a minister, with all the perks that comes with, of a government that sends ill equipped men and women to face injury or death in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He also seemed quite happy, going by his previous silence, that Terry was given the armband in the first place even with the player having a long list of scummy acts that could and probably should have prevented this happening, that I pointed out on Saturday.

But of course he’s the Sports Minister so he needs to have his say on the matter, make himself seem important…

to be the captain of England you have got to have wider responsibilities for the country. If these allegations are proven it does call into question his role as England captain Gerry Sutcliffe

I don’t seem to remember him calling into question other England captains, some with more questionable wrongdoings than shagging about with a team mates girl behind a wife’s back.

Was he mouthing off when Donkey Adams got the job after spending two months of a four month sentence in clink for driving while being more than four times over the legal drink-drive limit. Just slightly worse isn’t it and if the position of captain hasn’t been totally devalued by that wearer then Terry’s case isn’t going to do that much damage. How many of the ex-captain shave been drinkers, heavy drinkers.

Then we’ve got Beckham, forget the shagging about with a pig wanker, he’s the only England player not only sent off twice but the only one to be so while captain. Shearer, a Mary Poppins off the pitch but on it a scummy elbower, yes we were all happy when he kicked Neil Lennon in the face – services to football and all that – but his cheap shot elbow cost us against Argentina in ’98. Ferdinand’s had the armband, banned for missing drugs tests and then the roasting sessions and videos from Spain.

I don’t like Terry as a person, a scumbag that along with so many is so representative of the worst aspects of the game as it is now but we have to be realistic about all this. Will it cause ructions in the camp? Well his club mates rallied round when he scored against Burnley, though Lampard was as enthusiastic as the rest. Some Citeh players showed their support for Bridge with t-shirts, none of them English though.

But when it comes down to the squad selections for South Africa, if everybody is fit, who is going to be picked, well Terry is. Is Bridge, after all these last few months when he’s had a game the leftback has provided a complete blooper reel highlighting how not to play that position, doing his best to make Cashley look world class. And if Cole is going why shouldn’t Terry be captain. Bridge is an understudy now, I talked him up before but it’s gone, after being happy sitting on the Chelski bench for so long.

If Fabio looked beyond his usual suspects he’d see a leftback that can defend as well as attack, a fullback that takes all his club’s left footed set pieces, Leighton Baines, he should be the other leftback going.

Now if Bridge is in bits and wants to give up on England, then without him in South Africa five months from now with a World Cup on the go, even if some of them don’t get on what ructions will there really be amongst a group that think of themselves first.

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