I’ll just cut & paste

a bunch of other posts.

What do you mean that’s all I’ve been doing for years?

Well if England and Spurs didn’t repeat themselves ad nauseam I wouldn’t have to repeat myself on here ad nauseam, it’s a vicious circle but ultimately they’re the ones to blame oh and those that won’t take a telling.

So after the one all draw with Brum I’ll take a bit from here…

Typical Spurs game, usual start, all over them chance after chance created, chance after chance missed. Oh for someone to just put the ball in the back of the net. They had chances but Gomes really didn’t have to extend himself, if Big ‘Eck had a half decent striker at his disposal they really could be doing well, can see why he was after Pav.

So ‘Arry sent out almost the right team, almost each are doing there jobs properly, Bale again doing his best to keep the leftback job, Bentley doing exactly what we bought him for, making sure he’s still at the club come the end of trading today. Palacios and Hudd controlling the middle of the park. Just the strikers not gelling, Defoe especially off the boil, with nary a touch of the ball to his name. Then 69 minutes nice cross by Bale from the byline, a did he mean that flick on from Crouch and bang the Defoe we know and love makes it a well deserved one nil.

Carry on controlling the game but slowly start to fall back, back far too deep, then ‘Arry makes some substitutions, no one knows why. Falling deeper and deeper. The board goes up, 5 minutes again another five minutes added on to the end of a game that came from nowhere. Four subs that’s 2 mins, not much else in the way of injuries maybe add another minute, it’s nowhere near five. It seemed to shock one side.

And paste a bit from there…

Ah the ball is on the Spurs right just outside the box, one of the subs comes over to block a cross, no, that’s not what happens. The sub in question is the Jenasite, he skips over, then gives us all a little twirl, completely poncing out of any cross blocking. The ball flies to the other side of the box where a Brum head meets it to send it back whence it came. Ah yes that old Spurs last minute/injury time chestnut, as the ball makes it’s way back the fullback – Corluka – is lollygagging letting a member of the opposition glide past him with ease nipping in at the back post to either score the winner or as in this case get the equaliser.

Another two points dropped, as Villa, Pugwash’s side and Citeh notched up wins, so now we’re only respectively 1, 2, and 4 points ahead of the chasing pack, with them bar Liverpool having games in hand.

Another piece of cut & paste, with the Scum getting yet another stuffing by a title chasing side…two points here, to go with those lost at home to Stoke, Wolves and Hull added to the draw with Everton, it’s 12 more to add onto the 41, it would mean second top, Champions League spot pretty much secured.

Will the signing of Eidur Gudjohnsen – ‘Arry says he struggles with four strikers, would prefer just three but now he’s got five, if Robbie Keane isn’t shipped soon – and the resigning of Younes Kaboul make any difference to the same old story, same old song and dance…

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