Captain Beaky and the trial of

CAPTAIN BEAKY and the Trial of Hissing Sid !

Hissing Sid.

So the media got their pound of flesh last Friday, when Fabio took that famous 12 minutes to relieve John Terry of that little elastic armband.

And those bastions of upstanding piety and virtue cheered.

And that’s what mattered most in all those, those in the media, after all it was all based on some bloke shagging some other bloke’s ex. Now most people out there are pretty much someone’s ex, Ann Widdecombe excluded of course. So in reality it wasn’t based on that, it was based on the fact those individuals didn’t take too kindly to Terry’s lawyers not only banning them from reporting the shagging but also banned them from reporting the fact they couldn’t report the shagging.

Think of poor Wayne Bridge, I mean it’ll be much easier on him to sit in a dressing room with Terry now the latter doesn’t have an armband on, won’t it? He won’t be sitting there thinking about his ex, probably being going over all those Match Of The Days when Hanson ripped his performance to shreds. So remove the captain to help a player who probably shouldn’t be going in the first place.

So now we head into the World Cup this summer with another thicko scumbag prat holding that position we are told is so esteemed.

Fabio hasn’t quite fully anointed Ferdinand yet, just hinted that it’s like most sports, when there’s a disqualification everyone moves up a place. So vice captain becomes captain and vice-vice captain becomes vice captain, vice-vice-vice captain become… well you know.

Which leaves us with Rio. Oh great. Now didn’t Fabio state at the very beginning selection will be based on form and fitness. Well Rio has no form, as he’s been out for most of the season, 10 whole games he has appeared in for his club, 6 in the league and in some of them he’s been a rank embarrassment. If he keeps this up and Fabio picks him, it’ll say it all.

But then Fabio isn’t interested in the past, as Ferdinand’s list of past crimes show, after all how does doing the dirty on a mate compare to putting peoples lives at risk drink driving, one of the four occasions he’s been banned from driving. Add to that his performances in an England shirt, back at the 2002 he was the best defender in the competition, somehow Cuntball was in the FIFA side but Rio was by far the best on show. He certainly hasn’t matched that level since. Well he got his big money move to ManUre, so didn’t have to really bother any longer did he, a ManUre shirt guarantees international caps.

So we also have the possibility that Fabio will stick to his word, wouldn’t hold my breath and England are led out for the first game against the USA by Stevie G. A disgrace both on and off the park. Forget the jury that let him off playing the “do you know who I am” card when beating up some member of the public who had the affront not to back down when confronted by the player. Who do these non superstars think they are? Look at the man on the pitch, 77 caps and you’d struggle to pick out 5 great games and when you do it’s games that are now a decade old or against the might of Andorra. The last World Cup he was outstandingly bad, only the help from his fans in the media and the players own bad form deflected all the attention onto Lampard, Gerrard was even worse than Frank in that tournament.

Then you look at his conduct on the pitch, for club that is, the snide two footed challenges, the tackles that have a nasty streak of revenge about them, the falling over to con officials into free kicks and penalties, they were all on show at the weekend against Everton. That’s no qualification to be in the team never mind lead it.

We’ll have to see what Fabio does, but then he did say of the teams England were drawn against in the Euro 2012 qualifying group – “All four opponents are really dangerous”

Yeah right, if you don’t cruise past Switzerland, Bulgaria, Wales and Montenegro, you deserve sacking. The Swiss may have qualified for this upcoming World Cup but they are dullards, Bulgaria haven’t been that good since the great Stoichkov and Letchkov team could have won USA ’94. Wales, yes they’ll be up for it, like Northern Ireland was the last time we got a home nation, but christ it’s Wales, most of them are bloody Championship level players. Montenegro, well we’ll have to hope Gerrard is up for that one, it’s about his international level.

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