All is right with the world

order has been restored.

The media types can rest easy, Pugwash’s scousers have ascended to their rightful place, fourth in the league, where they will stay for the rest of the season because history demands it, even though they and their leader are a disgrace to that history.

Another frustrating day at The Lane as yet another team parks the bus and Spurs scoring conversion rate on the season falls even more. Every week it’s double figure chances and so many weeks it’s big fat bugger all on the score sheet. Where’s Wigan when you want ’em?

The thing is they don’t just park the bus, they park it and have outstanding defensive displays, from everyone but as Spooky so well points out Spurs turn into stormtroopers, The Stormtrooper effect , all the talk of Defoe being in such form and the number of good strikers at the club but it only happens on the park when they’re playing the Jawas of this world – “These blast-points… Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.”

It totally overshadows yet another clean sheet at home, Gomes with a cracking double save and another good performance from both Bale and Bentley. Now you feel that Bale with his performances so far this year should keep Assou-Ekotto out when the later is fit. Bentley will no doubt be dropped when or if Lennon gets back though it will be really tough for him as he has also performed exceptionally well, taken his chance to impress with both hands.

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