Everybody wants one!!

MXR Micro Chorus

I want one too!!

A few months back out of nowhere a number of original MXR Micro Chorus pedals appeared on eBay, hadn’t seen any previously and since.

I’d totally forgotten about particular part of the MXR line-up, yeah you still see plenty of Micro Amps but before that small window no-one it seemed wanted to give up one of these chorus pedals. I nearly got one of the originals on the cheap, but because I already have a chorus pedal I’m quite happy with my highest bid just wasn’t high enough. Then things changed and the vintage models were all of a sudden vintage priced, so instead of the auction ending price being about 50 quid on the one I missed the starting price was now £200.

I never did see a Micro Flanger for auction, at any price.

And then shortly after this flurry of available units MXR announced they were reissuing both pedals and the GAS set in, ably helped by Andy at ProGuitarShop.com and his videos…

…an unexpected turn into some Big Country there…

Now I do like the sound of both of ’em, what also appeals is as stated in the chorus video the “idiot proof” controls, one or two knobbies (© GearMannDude), makes life so much easier with the again as stated sweet spots already dialled in.

My current chorus pedal is a BMF Liquid Sky, which as I said I really like, as it doesn’t take too much effort to get a good sound out of the extra two controls – it has rate like the MXR model plus depth which is fixed on the MXR and mix which is a handy feature to control the amount of chorus in the signal, MXR is just all or nothing with the foot switch – so can’t see me changing, unless I find an MXR for next to nothing.

The flanger well that’s a different kettle of fish, I’ve already got two pedals, both of which the MXR one has an advantage through a lack of knobs. A Line 6 Liqua-Flange which just has far too many settings available and I don’t know if I’ve found one I’m really happy with yet, also not being able to daisy chain it doesn’t help. The other one I use the most which is an old Arion SFL-1, must say I’m happier with the sound I’m getting out of it, more old style bucket brigade, but don’t know if I’ve hit those sweet spots yet with the 4 controls.

I used to be one for having as many control knobs on a pedal as possible, have ultimate control over every setting, now I just like the idea of one or two, turn ’em until it sounds great no interaction between settings, no hunting for the holy grail.

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