If you want points for style take up

ice dancing.

I mean quite frankly most of the Woolwich Wanderers wouldn’t look out of place in sequinned lycra fannying about, they’ve certainly got the falling over bit down to an art.

In reality of the three upcoming games Spurs had against the “Big 3” as they should be called now, there is no current 4th, this one should have been the easiest, as teams have shown over the season exactly how you get a result against the scum. From top of the league, Chelski, to the bottom reaches, Wolves, the game plan is fixed and simple you just have to follow it, the former did the latter did but for one vital ingredient.

Let them have all the possession they want, let them play their “we’ve never seen this type of football ever before” (© those that think football started after Euro ’96), let them play it all in front of you, because they don’t shoot and nobody gets in the box, they barely attempt anything, no cutting edge but to go with all that most importantly you must take your chances when they come. Chelsea did this last bit with Drogba, Wolves didn’t.

Spurs thankfully did with enough chances for it to work.

It may not be pretty, it may be hugely frustrating them having all the ball – two to one – it may be nerve racking to the extreme but when it comes off and it ends their season it is hugely satisfying – the ends sometimes do do justify the means.

Players just need to stand up and do the job they are paid very handsomely for, which to a man Spurs did last night. Some still doubt Ledley but when he’s there all feels right with the world, if he was fit, could train and play every week, he and Dawson would be the best centre-back partnership anywhere, damn well close to it as it is. The fullbacks, well they did OK, BAE certainly saved it at the off with his goal-line block, Kaboul didn’t make any major fuck ups, so we have to be thankful for that, personally would have gone with Walker.

But then maybe ‘Arry was contemplating that would be tough having you youngsters up the right hand side as he slipped in the curveball of starting Danny Rose for his Premier League debut. So much for their “kids”, none of their lot was born in the 1990s and only one of ours in the 70s.

And what a debut, 45 minutes in which the little lad, from God’s own country, hardly touched the ball – and while their lot but for the last 20 minutes couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo – scored the best goal you’ll see this season, best goal you’ll see for some time. The look of amazement on Ledley’s and Pavlyuchenko’s faces as it slammed into the back of the net says it all. “Audere est Facere“.

Just before the break Modric could have – should have? – made it two but could the second half have started any better, great retention by Defoe and an outstanding pass curling right into Bale’s path, after the Welshman had made an intelligent run inside and kept himself onside, for him to calmly slot in the second. Again Bale was outstanding all night and great that he finally got the goal his play in 2010 has merited.

‘Arry made a good choice when he brought Eidur Gudjohnsen on as the Viking helped keep possession better along with Modric and he should have made it safe with the third about half way through the second 45 minutes. But no that would have made it far to easy for the rest of us, it needed to be kept tight so that if they scored it could go either way. They of course did with five minutes to go – offside – but not before Gomes made a string of outstanding saves, looks like he did get it all out of his system against Sunderland last week, the hug he got from Dawson at the final whistle said it all really, he deserved a clean sheet.

It’ll be tougher against Chelski on Saturday, they do have a cutting edge, do have players who get in the box and players that can hit that cow’s arse. But then we weren’t suppose to win this one after Sunday’s debacle and that gives us hope…and it’s the hope I can’t live with…

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