Just shows how desperate they are

for any silverware.

As the Wandering Woolwich scum put out a side full of seasoned first team regulars against Spurs patched up 4th XI in the League Cup last night. A change in both side priorities, well it will happen when you have won bugger all in ages.

You have to wonder how much ‘Arry wanted this, yes he was left with some bare bones in the centre of defence, with one fit regular in Bassong, and wanting to rest the rest. But if he’s going to stick players in like that then he has to play them in their actual positions.

It’s no coincidence that those out of their comfort zone positions failed miserably. Bentley on the left, didn’t work under Ramos, certainly didn’t work last night. He hasn’t got the pace to do the job on the wrong side, can’t get past the defender to get any crosses in and cutting inside is just a waste.

Palacios on the right of a middle three, dear god did that really happen. A player who has been floundering of late in his actual preferred role stuck out there, everyone could see what would happen. You have to wonder what Krancjar has done to be left on the bench for 96 minutes last night.

The midfield was just a disaster in the first half and with dos Santos prannying about doing sod all Pavlyuchenko was stuck up front all on his Tod, with crap service and no support. And as they went in for half-time we were told how great the scum had been, yet Spurs had been really bad, Pletikosa had bugger all to do on his debut and it was just one nil to them.

‘Arry changed it at the break, people actually in their correct positions, apart from Bentley, things changed for the better. Keane, he shoots, he actually scores, now that makes a change. Lucky for him their ‘keeper has a limp wrist. Should have made it two a bit later.

Extra-time, well they got up to their usual antics, of falling over, though for the second pen Naughton had no need to touch him as he was going wide and posing no threat. The first pen though just killed Spurs, heads dropped and it felt like that was it. Their penalty taker’s teeth some what resemble those you see in slasher flicks set in the deep south, you know where the villains have been left to inbreed for a few decades.

But even with heads down and legs knackered there was still chances, Bentley’s header, should have scored probably scared to mess up his hair. Completely went to sleep for their fourth. Shame about all the empty seats but still more atmosphere than you’ll ever get at a certain other place.

What to take out of it. Not having to bother with the Mickey Mouse Cup, leave that to desperate others, it wasn’t 5-1, Sandro looked like a decent buy, for his first outing in the English game, Pletikosa, bar one bit of flapping, looks OK for a third choice ‘keeper and that’s about it.

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