Russia and Qatar made some FIFA execs

very happy.

Wait shouldn’t that be the other way round? FIFA execs made Russia and Qatar happy after their names were pulled from the envelopes telling us who would host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

Ah no of course the two winning bids were the worst performing in the risk assessment but of course they were the richest bidders on show and the one’s with a rich tradition of what we would call “back handers” or indeed baksheesh. Some FIFA members won’t have to worry about fuelling up their new cars.

So instead of dear old England holding the tournament for the first time in in 52 years 2018, it’s heading to new frontiers in Russia. FIFA making sure they spread the word to ever corner of the world and that certainly doesn’t exclude one party state dictatorships that is rife with corruption and mob run businesses. Wonder what the skim on all those stadiums and hotels will be over the next 7 years.

So England had the best and safest technical bid, best commercial bid and the best presentation and got a whole one vote. The other vote was from our own man, so doesn’t really count. We very nearly didn’t actually get it anyway as the man with the vote was frozen out by the bid leader the particularly useless former chairman of the F.A., Lord Triesman.

And that’s why we just can’t blame one thing for the embarrassment of going out after the first round of voting, coming behind even the Belgian & Dutch bid. It was a farce from the very off as Triesman, surrounded himself with his politico mates rather than football people and excluded the only man we had on the inside. Yes Geoff Thompson is another clown, with an apt nickname of Uncle Albert but how can you not include him in your team for the bid when he’s inside FIFA? Gordon Brown during his time of trying to prove he wasn’t a Jock but British and therefore really English promised money from the bid which never materialised.

We also played by the rules, bar Triesman going off about the Russians and Spanish bribing, we don’t do the politicking that other countries do so well, much in the way the Duke Of York described in the recent WikiLeaks document. We don’t hand out the stuffed envelopes as freely as others do with the ease of it being a part of the culture. We’d just do it wrong anyway, wouldn’t know that it was the execs’ son who gets the envelope not he himself.

We also do media, whether TV or in print and the fact that various FIFA execs are saying this is the main reason England was never going to be allowed to win the vote, because they were scared of the British media, says more about those execs than anything else. Yes it was particularly stupid for the BBC to rehash some old stories against someone who might actually vote for us, and take others along, just a few days before the event.

But and it’s a big but if you aren’t corrupt, are not selling your vote and are not using your position for personal gain first and foremost then guess what you don’t have to be scared of papers or the telly.

You won’t be the victim of entrapment if you don’t ask how much, or stuck your hand straight out, as soon as someone you’ve never met before brings up the possibility of exchanging your vote for cash.

Of course this wouldn’t be a problem if we hadn’t let jumped up short-arsed, corrupt, continental, scumbags run our game. We wouldn’t let them stand there and lecture us that “Zurich is the home of the international game”. No Sepp, Zurich is I don’t know the home of cuckoo clocks, Toblerones and living off the profit garnered during the war from the gold teeth and other belongings prised from the dead bodies of the holocaust victims. England is the home of the game, domestic and international – yes the first official international was played on a Jock cricket ground – but we still started it with the games a couple of years earlier.

You can’t even say things would be better if football people were involved because they are already there, useful idiots like Platini who helps prop Blatter and his cronies up.

All we know now is there,s now no point England trying again, when they put up the best bid to come last, which means we don’t have to drag the England team all round the world for meaningless friendlies, we don’t have to fluff up the likes of Jack Warner and other people of dubious standing and do we now have to still keep financing the world’s football when all money we give abroad can pay off Wembley and create a decent centre at Burton.

And if the British media had something about them – not just pathetic opportunist – they would seriously go after every member of that executive committee and when the next licensing deal for a World Cup comes round won’t fork out the exorbitant number FIFA think up to fleece this county, especially if we don’t qualify.

And as for Qatar, I’ve spent a few summers on the Arabian peninsula, it along with the Yemen are the only countries I haven’t been in mind, but I know how hot and humid it gets out there during the months the competition will be held, should make for a great tournament 🙄 It’s a good job there’s no gay footballers as well cause ain’t it illegal out there, well some of the fans in Russia would make being a non-white footballer illegal.

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