Effectology volume 19

Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.19 “How to turn your guitar into a Moog synthesizer”guitar pedals

How to turn your guitar into a Moog synthesizer.

I remember back in my early school days in music lessons we finally got hold of instruments and one of them was a real old style synth, a modular synth where you had to dial in settings to create a variety of sounds instead of just pushing a button, I seem to remember first up I created a machine gun sound. Of course back then it was almost brand spanking new and amazing and one step after the modular synths you had to use patch cords for the settings.

The pioneer of this was Robert Moog, with his Moog Synthesizer and in the latest episode of Bill Ruppert’s Effectology series of videos, where he gets amazing non-guitar sounds ut of a guitar, he gets a guitar to sound just like one of Moog’s synths with the help of some Electro-Harmonix effects pedals.

…touch of ELP in there.

The pedals used and the settings Bill dialled in to get the sounds can be found at the EHX forum.

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