Away to Wigan and the best players are

Sandro and Dawson.

It says it all really. Wigan, plumb bottom of the table, worst goal difference in the league, let in most goals at home of any team, second worst goals for at home.

Two games against them this season, 1 point, no goals scored. Those games and the failures in them could, probably will, sum up a disappointing season. The inability to not even score against poor sides never mind win the games they should do.

Though this game didn’t pan out as so many have previously, this wasn’t a 90 minute battering, the Wigan ‘keeper didn’t have the game of his life, in fact he pretty much had bugger all to do all game.

For what many talked about as a must win game it didn’t look like many were taking it that importantly. More interested in preserving themselves for Tuesday night in Madrid rather than making sure this wouldn’t be a one off. ‘Arry didn’t help much with his team selection, yes I know Bale couldn’t have played and Lennon starting would have been a risk. But sticking Modric out on the left and van der Vaart wide right is a waste when they stick out there and cramps everything in the middle when they drift in as they are going to do.

When you add Jenas – who again can be found today in the media gobbing off like he does before every big game, before he’s picked and does a disappearing act – to the mix, oh christ why not go the whole hog and stick them in that ‘orrible baby blue kit and make sure Defoe is wearing his 100 goals t-shirt.

Though from the little the “striker” did you’d figure he actually did have that undergarment on.

Modric tried his best, van der Vaart has faded somewhat of late, the fullbacks offered nothing, Pav ran around a bit. But there was no width, no pace and no forward momentum, everything slow and laboured before goings sideways or backwards. Jenas’s shot, only thing their ‘keeper had to do and about the only ball he played forward all afternoon.

Only player who really seemed interested in putting in a performance and not protecting himself for an Iberian trip was Sandro. Again he was everywhere doing his best to put out fires and getting kicked from pillar to post for his troubles.

Add that to Dawson sticking his body in front of any shots coming his way and that basically was your lot.

All made the worst by Chelski drawing and Citeh stuffing Sunderland. Another goalless day and you loo at the league stats. Van der Vaart top scorer with 10, hasn’t netted since the beginning of Feb, the second of his two goals in 2011, three main strikers have 11 goals between them. If we had one 20 goal striker never mind getting 4th spot with the way the league has gone and those above stumbling the title would be ours.

There may be video highlights out there but quite frankly it’s not worth the effort, well deserving of it’s place as last game on MotD. But then the scum versus Blackburn was also well deserving of second last place instead of second.

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