My Grand National choices came down

to four horses.

Four horses that pretty much covered every outcome of the big race but in the end I was only going to put my hard earned on two of them.

Or course the two wrong uns.

Yes I’d whittled the 40 strong field by 90% and was left with cutting that down by 50% and in the end I plonked my dosh on, what was it 16/1 shot, Backstage which came in tenth, eight lengths back and 66/1 outsider The Tother One, which fell at the sixth, Becher’s Brook.

So that’s two of the outcomes, which means the other two I’d eventually discarded were Dooneys Gate, which also fell at the Becher’s and broke it’s back. Which means there can be only one nag to fill that fourth spot and yes of course it was the 14/1 winner Ballabriggs.

So still stuck at just the two wins after all these years, well still one more than A.P. and Scu.

As for the fury about the dead horses after, now I ain’t one to hold back on giving the B.B.C. the kicking they so deserving but I heard Clare Balding mention “equine fatalities” not long after the race was run, didn’t hang around much after, Spurs on after all. Maybe those big words just confused the writers in certain papers that had big pull-out sections for the big race in their Saturday editions.

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